Removing and Recycling Unwanted Electronics

Did you know, annually hundreds of thousands of electronics are thrown away?  Why?  Simple technological advancements that make existing televisions, sound equipment, smartphones, and more become obsolete.  Nothing beats the excitement of replacing outdated electronics, but how do you dispose of the items that you no longer have a use for?

Junk All Mighty has the answer.  If you are looking for an easy and environmentally responsible way to get rid of your old electronics, contact Junk All Mighty, in Redlands, today and let us take them away.


Responsible Electronics Recycling and Removal

Quick and easy removal is the name of the game at Junk All Mighty.  We understand how easy it is to accumulate unwanted household items such as electronics, however, the difficulty comes in finding an environmentally friendly disposal method.   Junk All Mighty has you covered and will handle everything.

You do not have to gather all of your unwanted electronics into one place, and you certainly do not have to haul anything out to the curb. Just point and junk disappear!

Our team of customer service-oriented professionals will lift, haul, and dispose of all unwanted TVs and electronic devices in a responsible manner.  We can remove most items as long as they are not hazardous, liquid, and can be safely hauled, but give us a call if you have any questions.

Do not forget we have scheduling to fit your busy schedule.  You will be happy you scheduled your electronics recycling appointment with the Junk All Mighty!

Do Not Send Electronics to the Landfill

The materials used in electronic manufacturing contain heavy metals.  Not only are these metals finite resources that are difficult to acquire, but they can leach into the soil, contaminating our soil and waterways.  Additionally, landfill disposal of items such as laptops, desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets, carry your personal information. Even password-protected devices are vulnerable to a savvy thief who could still break in and have access to your bank account, health, and insurance information, and more.

Electronics Recycling – How It Works

First, schedule an appointment by giving us a call or booking online. (844)438-5364

After the appointment is set, everything else is easy!  We will give you a courtesy call 30 minutes before our professional team arrives.  Show us what you want hauled away and disposed of and a free, no-obligation quote.  Once approved, we will begin the process of hauling your unwanted electronic items away!

Once the old and outdated electronics are collected, we carefully sort everything, setting aside working items that can safely be donated to a local charity.  Non-working items or electronics that could have sensitive information will be handled in a responsible manner and your personal information safeguarded. Anything that cannot be donated will be transported to a local electronics recycling facility.

Electronics Recycling in Redlands CA

Say “Hello to Relief” by saying “Goodbye to Junk” Call Junk All Mighty today to recycle unwanted electronics.  So, when you are ready, give your friendly electronics recycling company a call.

Contact Junk All Mighty today at (844)438-5364