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WordPress and Web design

WordPress is one of the easiest web content platforms to get stated with, and, while there are powerful starter themes and a huge array of tips to get your website looking proper, there are a few web design philosophies that can help you make that website successful.  Design, in any field can be looked at…
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Responsive Web Design

Before one can delve into the complexities of responsive web design, one has to understand the concept thoroughly. The idea behind responsive web design is not limited to web pages with elements that realign themselves to changes in the size of the viewing device or program. In fact, responsiveness of a web page is a…
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Do I need back links?

Back linking is almost is one of the oldest methods of drawing in a larger number of users, that stems back even before the internet as we know it. Its primordial history starts in the days of bulletin boards, where the link section managed to create a network within a closed system. Throughout the evolution…
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