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Is SEO Dead?

After years of SEO practice I’ve asked myself more often recently: can Search Engine Optimization in its current form survive the next decade? SEO is clearly not dead yet but I can’t ignore the impression anymore that it’s stagnating. How can we improve and expand SEO as a whole to make it apt for another…
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Google algorithm changes and how it affects SEO

Google always tweaks and changes their search algorithms and their end goal is to offer their users the most relevant search results possible. Therefore, through its list of iterations and different incarnations, so did SEO optimization shift its focus? So what is the trend for 2015 SEO? To hopefully put everyone’s minds at ease, the…
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Do I need back links?

Back linking is almost is one of the oldest methods of drawing in a larger number of users, that stems back even before the internet as we know it. Its primordial history starts in the days of bulletin boards, where the link section managed to create a network within a closed system. Throughout the evolution…
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