Monthly Archives: December 2014

WordPress and Web design

WordPress is one of the easiest web content platforms to get stated with, and, while there are powerful starter themes and a huge array of tips to get your website looking proper, there are a few web design philosophies that can help you make that website successful.  Design, in any field can be looked at…
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Durham, NC SEO Tips and Advice

There are hardly any SEO organizations which can promise your website a top ranking on Google, but there are a few things that can be done to improve Google rankings - on the first page of Google for imperative pivotal words. They can help you get rankings on Google in the Durham NC range and…
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Is SEO Dead?

After years of SEO practice I’ve asked myself more often recently: can Search Engine Optimization in its current form survive the next decade? SEO is clearly not dead yet but I can’t ignore the impression anymore that it’s stagnating. How can we improve and expand SEO as a whole to make it apt for another…
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