Monthly Archives: October 2014

Social media dos and don’ts

In this article we’re going to focus mainly on the dos and don’ts of social media as a means of communicating with a user base, though some of our picks will also be useful for social media usage that is more personal, not necessary as a tool of SEO, marketing or general business related communications.…
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Google algorithm changes and how it affects SEO

Google always tweaks and changes their search algorithms and their end goal is to offer their users the most relevant search results possible. Therefore, through its list of iterations and different incarnations, so did SEO optimization shift its focus? So what is the trend for 2015 SEO? To hopefully put everyone’s minds at ease, the…
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Organic SEO

Organic search engine optimization used to almost be considered an arcane set of rules, that were more or less random; especially if you’re having a website that has yet to be successful, drawing in the attention you thought it deserved, you might be inclined to blame SEO for the issues, but, before we dwell on…
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